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Jamplay vs Justin Guitar

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Jamplay and Justin Guitar are two online platforms that teach people how to play the guitar. These two platforms are just a sample of the hundreds of other online guitar learning sites. There has been a huge shift of learning from traditional platforms to the digital platforms in recent times. For guitar learning, some courses like Jamplay have been active for ten years now. This shows the level of maturity that the online learning platforms have undergone. Most people already know of the reputation of Jamplay, but this review seeks to focus on a fresh Jamplay vs Justin Guitar comparison in an effort to determine the best platform for students.

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Quality of lessons

In terms of quality, Jamplay offers a huge selection of lessons to choose from since there are many tutors on the platform. The audio, video and overall quality of material are great and well presented. There are also tools that supplement the core coursework. Justin guitar also has quality lessons in its own way. However, the course is quite limited as the quantity of material does not compare to what is found at Jamplay. The coursework also lacks depth as there is no chance of getting perspectives from different tutors. Overall, Jamplay beats Justin Guitar resoundingly.

Pricing and Features

Justin Guitar is often advertised as a free learning platform. However, learners realize midway through the course that there is a lot of promoted material within the platform which can only be obtained by purchasing it. Jamplay, on the other hand, has a monthly $19.95 price which allows learners access all the material on the website once the payment is made. You can be able to find features like tutorials, instructional videos and learning tools on both websites. Jamplay is however the more convenient platform as it has a straightforward pricing policy.

Other key differences

There are a number of similarities between Jamplay and Justin Guitar, especially when it comes to the learning process. The courses are divided into different levels from beginner to advanced, and the teaching material also reflects the different realities of each level. For a beginner, both courses can be good enough to start you off with the basics. The Justin Guitar course however, lacks the depth as the lessons become more advanced. This can be a huge problem in later learning stages as that is where most of the important bits are covered. For Jamplay, the lessons get better with each stage and there are great insights from the 80 plus tutors.

Justin Guitar is a great platform that can really help beginners learn the basics of guitar. There is one tutor who does all the work of teaching, which could be a good initially. But for learners seeking to sustain their learning process, Jamplay is the ideal platform as there are vast resources and tutorials to learn from. On a basic scale of Jamplay vs Justin Guitar, Jamplay definitely gets the better rating of 5/5 as it is the #1 platform on the internet. It trumps Justin Guitar in every aspect.

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