Hostgator vs Justhost

Hostgator is one of the most renowned web hosting companies right now. Today’s comparison will pit Hostgator with Justhost which is not so much known however it leads towards a surprising comparison. Both the two hosting platforms are designed for a rookie user and comes with a bundle of features both in terms of functionality and costs. One of the biggest differences between the two is that Hostgator offers a refund policy of 45 days whereas Justhost offers it for a lifetime. The following are some of the main features of both the two web hosting companies;

Basic Plan Comparison:

Interestingly, the plans offered by the two companies are quite similar in terms of costing. Hostgator’s plan is on a monthly basis whereas Justhost offers plans on the basis of yearly commitments. So, if you’re playing it for the long run then Justhost definitely is a viable option. Hatchling plan of Hostgator can be bought at $2.64 per month whereas the basic plan of Justhost can be bought at $2.95 per month. The difference is that Justhost’s plan will cost you 2.95 per month in its 36-month plan. Both the two web hosting companies come with a free domain name.

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Shared Hosting Plans:

Let’s take a look at the features that are provided by the two web hosting companies in their basic packages. Hostgator provides a plan that comes with unlimited space whereas Justhost comes with 50GB of Space. Unlimited always sounds good but 50GB is actually enough if you’re just starting out. The bandwidth provided by the two is unlimited as well as the panel that is used is the same, cpanel. When it comes to the number of sites that can be hosted on the two platforms, the number is unlimited for both the platforms. These features essentially mean that the two companies offer almost the same things in their basic package.

Dedicated Server Plans:

Let’s move on to the dedicated server plans for the two companies. The space provided by Justhost and Hostgator is again the same, 500GB. All remaining features such as the RAM and CPU required is also the same, which stands at 4GB RAM and 2×2.30Ghz CPU. The only difference in features is that Justhost can also be run at Linux. The standard price of Justhost’s basic package is $79.99 & Hostgator offers it at $174. The price is the visible difference and it is your decision to make whether you require dedicated server plans for your usage. If you do require this plan, then we suggest to go with Justhost.

One drawback that Justhost faces is that it doesn’t provide a cloud hosting plan.

Customer support for both the two companies is equated to be reputable.